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We are hiring reliable, experienced and passionate workers to join our call list of dairy herdsmen. Relief Herdsmen Services is a unique business that offers a range of relief & part-time employment opportunities in the dairy industry.

Duties & Responsibilities Include:

  • Milking
  • Calf care
  • Feeding
  • Field work
  • Chores

As a member of our team, we work with you to ensure you are fairly compensated, to support your career goals, provide a work schedule to suit your needs, and be a mediator between you and the producer.

Advantages As A Part-Time Or Relief Herdsmen

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Work on a variety of farms
  • Gain continuing experience of dairy operations and cattle care
  • Work around your family responsibilities
  • Pride & enjoyment of working on a dairy farm

Our main goal is that you enjoy your time working with the dairy cattle and producers, while maintaining a healthy balance in your work, family and leisure time.

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