Dairy Farm Nutrition

Martin from Relief Herdsmen Services has a deep understanding of the dynamics and variables each dairy farm presents. Because of this understanding, we help our customers achieve top production performance while maintaining the number one goal…healthy cows.

Parion's customized feeding programs and products are delivered effectively and efficiently with the producer’s bottom line in focus. We believe in a team approach to every goal, and that each of those goals hinges on the overall well-being of the animal.

The dairy industry has evolved incredibly, and so too has our aptitude for adopting, developing and implementing custom solutions to our customers. From our in barn cow side presence to the latest technologies and tools, we have all of the variables accounted for.

If you’d like to learn more about how Martin's Relief Herdsmen Services and Parion can assist you in achieving your goals, contact Martin today.


Fresh Eyes Consulting

“Happy Cows, Happy Farmers, Quality Milk”

Improve Your Dairy Operations Today

Business pressures on the dairy industry are on the rise and farmers need to respond. Relief Herdsmen Services has a proven process to review your dairy barn and improve operations, providing you with greater financial security.

What could you start doing different today that would make your farm more profitable? Having an independent dairy management advisor sit down with you to evaluate your on-farm bottlenecks provides a hands-on approach of what you could change to increase both profitability and day-to-day working pleasure.

See what a set of fresh eyes can do to improve your dairy business.