Fresh Eyes Consulting

Dairy Farm Consultation Services

Are you too busy working IN your farm business to work ON it? Fresh Eyes Consulting assesses all aspects of the livestock, housing, milking, and finances on the dairy farm that may be getting overlooked and impacting income. What details are you missing that may be costing you income?

There are two ways for a dairy business to become more profitable:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease expenses

Are some of these factors hurting your revenue?

  • Increasing interest rates
  • Rising input costs
  • Quota cuts
  • Decreasing milk prices
  • Low milk components/quality
  • Poor overall herd health

What are some expenses you could reduce?

  • Feed costs
  • Salary/wages
  • Veterinary and drugs
  • Equipment repairs
“Happy Cows, Happy Farmers, Quality Milk”

The Fresh Eyes Approach To Dairy Farm Consultation

Business pressures on the dairy industry are on the rise and farmers need to respond. Fresh Eyes Consulting has a proven process to review your dairy barn and improve operations, providing you with greater financial security.

Having an independent dairy management advisor sit down with you to evaluate your on-farm bottlenecks and review the financial statements with your accountant provides a hands-on approach of what you could change to increase both profitability and day-to-day working pleasure.

Our Exclusive Checklist Includes:
  • Over 200 unique observations of your dairy operations
  • A couple dozen management questions
  • Cowsignals® Diamond: improving the health, wellness, and welfare of your cows

Effects Of USMCA / CUSMA On Dairy Markets & Your Business

With the new USMCA / CUSMA trade agreement in place, changes to the Canadian dairy market will impact your business. Fresh Eyes Consulting prepares your farm operations and management to maximize returns in this new USMCA / CUSMA dairy market.

Dairy Farm Observational Consulting Programs


✔ Introduction Meeting

✔ Meeting with Accountant

✔ On-farm Assessment

✔ Milking

✔ Follow-up with Farmer

✔ Follow-up with Accountant

✔ Monthly meeting (1st year)

✔ Quarterly meeting (2nd year)

✔ Unlimited Phone and Email


✔ Introduction Meeting

✔ Meeting with Accountant

✔ On-farm Assessment

 Milking not Included

✔ Follow-up with Farmer

✔ Follow-up with Accountant

✔ Quarterly meeting (1st year)

✔ Semi-annual meeting (2nd year)

✔ Unlimited Phone and Email

Improve Your Dairy Operations Today

What could you start doing different today that would make your farm more profitable?

See what a set of fresh eyes can do to improve your dairy business.