Welcome to Relief Herdsmen Services

Relief Herdsmen Services Ltd. is a dairy farm employee recruitment and placement business based in Ontario. Our primary goal is to provide knowledge and support in connecting dairy producers and employee personnel. We provide dependable, consistent and productive employees that will fulfill all the needs of a modern dairy farm.

For all your employment and staffing needs call us at 519-301-3678

Through years of experience within the dairy industry, the team at Relief Herdsmen Services has extensive knowledge and understanding of what an employee is looking for and what the dairy producer needs. Relief Herdsmen Services encourages its employees and producers to represent the dairy industry in a way that shows a high understanding of animal care, farm safety and taking pride in producing quality milk.

Since a lot of dairy farms also have horses on them; it was only natural to add horse farmers to our services. This service will give more flexibility to potential employees and help horse farmers fulfill their employee needs.